Ronaldinho Scores a Sensational Overhead Goal

By: Bob | November 26th, 2006

Perhaps you have heard of this guy named Ronaldinho. Plays for a small club in Spain. Seems to have a bit of a following around the world. Occasionally pulls off moves that will leave you breathless. Take a deep breath because the goal he scored against Villarreal on Saturday in the video below is one of those occasions.

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  • werinho

    ke puto golasooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Nice, but Crouch versus Galatasaray at Anfield was better.

  • sal

    That was pretty close to being offsides...hmm...

  • Totti's goal can be seen here

    The comment from the Portuguese guy amused me. How easy it is to misunderstand sarcasm in written text 80)

  • Raheel

    Pretty sure they can't afford sportsmanship either...

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