Emili Vidal Proposes 150,000 Capacity “Camp Nou at Sea” for Barcelona

By: Daryl | July 21st, 2009

To commemorate the 50th of anniversary of the Camp Nou, Barcelona contracted English architect Norman Foster to re-structure the stadium in 2007. His plan was to spend around €250m on remodelling and to expand capacity by 10,000.

However… not everyone is impressed with Foster’s plan, as it apparently fails to solve some access problems. So Catalan architect Emili Vidal has put together a (publicity grabbing?) counter proposal: Camp Nou at sea.

Vidal’s new Camp Nou (Camp Nou Nou?) would have a whopping 150,000 capacity, and be built on an artificial island just off the coast of Barcelona, near “the Forum at the Diagonal Mar end of the city” say Wales Online.

If you’re familiar with the city, here’s how Vidal’s new stadium would look on a map:

Here’s how it would look as futuristic looking people approached it via the bridge:

And here’s how the new stadium would look if you were very very tall:

More images can be seen on Vidal’s website.

No idea if the club are keen on an aquatic relocation or not, but I’m all for it. Mostly because too many stadiums look too similar these days. So anything that’s a bit different, like Vidal’s above proposal or the underground stadium in Doha can only be a good thing.

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  • Why do you say that RP?

  • RP

    Really bad idea

  • Jose

    So where does the Barca Referee have his penthouse?

  • 'Mon the Magical Irish! :D

    Oh, and it looks nice.

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