The Future of Football: Ads & Fruit.

By: The Offside | April 13th, 2010


Do you ever get the feeling making money is taking priority over the sport?

Better yet: do you ever not get the feeling making money has taken priority over the sport?

Here’s an eerie look into the future from Dutch visual artist Helmut Smits, who saw the opportunity to use the green grass of a football pitch as a greenscreen for commercial interests. Much like a futuristic movie with a society of drones, the results are downright horrifying because it doesn’t take a great deal of imagination to see it coming true.

Greenscreen from Helmut on Vimeo.

It’s not all doom and gloom for football, though: should something ever happen where the world develops a paucity of building materials and an overabundance of fruit, there’ll still be a place to play football:


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  • That would induce siezures

  • OMG no! i can see it now this is how the games will be broadcast in the US. one of the 'problems' has been not enough time for commercials..........problem solved. this sux!

  • If they ever make a football themed sequel to A Clockwork Orange, this will be the video the main character is forced to watch. Also that T-Mobile jingle has never sounded so sinister.

  • Somewhere, Richard Scudamore just smiled and then made a series of phone calls. Damn you Helmut.

  • bacon

    thats the most obnoxious thing i've ever seen. truly vomit inducing.

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